SAVAGE BEATING Caught on Tape at Dean College in Massachusetts (Video)

The video of the savage beating at Dean College in Franklin, MA has already been scrubbed from YouTube.
Of course, the edited versions seen on the news do not convey the full story.
Via Free Republic:
(Warning on violence)

Nine of the students were suspended. Police expect criminal charges to be filed. reported:

Nine Dean College students have been expelled following a one-sided fight on Friday that was captured on videotape and posted online. Police said they expected to bring criminal charges in the case.

The fight began when a group of male students confronted another male student over a pair of sneakers, said Franklin Deputy Police Chief Stephen Semerjian.

“It began with a sucker punch so the victim really had no idea,” Semerjian said. “Once he was horizontal on the ground, it was brutal from that point on, absolutely.”


The video shows a young man being punched without warning and then repeatedly punched and being hit with his own shoes. His attacker then walks off with the shoes.

The victim was treated at the campus medical center and released Friday night.

“It was really one-sided,” Semerjian said. “The victim was lucky to be able to get back to his feet.”

One student was expelled Friday, and eight more were expelled after the video came to light Monday, said Gregg Chalk, spokesman for Dean College.

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