Good Grief… Crazy Uncle Ron Is “The One” (Video)

Now we’ve seen everything… Crazy Uncle Ron is “The One.”

The Ron Paul Campaign released a new video today. The ad claims Ron is “The One.”

Didn’t they tell us Obama was “The One” too?

The Politico reported:


Ron Paul’s new commercial presents the Texas congressman as the unique and consistent outsider in the race. A narrator doesn’t mention his opponents by name, but Newt Gingrich’s photo appears under the caption “insider deals” and Mitt Romney is grouped with President Obama under the label “smooth-talking politicians.” Rick Perry and Michele Bachmann also make cameos. “The One, Part 2” is a one-minute spot that will be airing on broadcast and cable in Iowa and New Hampshire. It’s a repackaged version of a similar spot the campaign put out a while back, but this one includes more Gingrich footage. It is the first of several ads that the Texas congressman’s campaign will drop this week as part of their multi-million dollar ad push.

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