Rick Perry: Obama Should Have Held a Parade For US Troops Returning From Iraq

British troops are celebrated in London after returning from Iraq. (Daily Mail)

Governor Rick Perry told supporters today that President Obama should have held a parade for US troops returning from Iraq.
National Journal reported, via FOX Nation:

Texas Gov. Rick Perry opened a new line of criticism against President Obama today, saying that the president hadn’t shown the proper courtesy in welcoming troops returning home from the war in Iraq.

“It really disturbs me that after nine years of war in Iraq, this president wouldn’t welcome our many heroes home with a simple parade in their honor,” Perry said during a meet-and-greet with the West Side Conservative Club here. Perry speculated that there was no parade because of the war’s unpopularity among Democrats. “”I don’t know,” he said. “But, Mr. President, our soldiers come first, and it comes before party politics.”

Obama gave a speech at Fort Bragg, N.C., earlier this month to mark the end of the war and honor the troops.

Barack Obama won’t even use the words “victory” and “war” in the same sentence.
He wasn’t about to give the troops a parade that they deserve.

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