Rep Issa Schools SEIU/Occupy: “You’re Not Part Of The 99%, You’re A Part Of The 100%, We Are All Americans”

Posted By The P/Oed Patriot

SEIU and Occupy members decided to visit Representative Darrell Issa (R-CA) in order to educate him on how he is failing in his job.

Ironically, Rep Issa ends up taking Occupy to school.

After a small confrontation between the SEIU/Occupy members and Rep Issa’s Office staff, which was resolved by Security making the majority of the ‘Occupiers’ wait in the hall, Rep Issa appeared and began to have a conversation with the four that were allowed to stay in the Office (Comments begin around the 2:30 mark):

Occupier: “As the 99%, some of your investments are questionable to our folks.”

Rep Issa: “Ma’am, you’re not part of the 99%.”

Occupier: “Oh, tell me why I’m not part of the 99%.”

Rep Issa: “You’re a part of the 100%.  We are all Americans.”

It’s a shame the Occupy movement doesn’t seem to realize that.

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