UPDATE! PG&E Tells City Board: ‘Customers Will Go Without Power Until A Smart Meter Is Reinstalled’

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The Smart Grid in the United States is an ongoing collaboration between the Federal Government and the Power Companies.  As more and more people wake up to the threat to their privacy that the Smart Grid represents, people are doing the only thing they can and fighting it on a local level.

Earlier this week, I wrote an article describing how some PG&E customers, who removed their Smart Meter and replaced it with an analog by a liscensed professional electrician, have had their power shut off.

On December 13th in California, the Santa Cruz Board of Supervisors grilled Wendy Sarsfield, a representative from the public utility PG&E, as to why they will not restore power to those customers who have had their PG&E Smart Meters replaced with an analog meter.

During the exchange, that resembled a combination of a dog chasing it’s tail and shooting fish in a barrel, Wendy kept insisting that saftey was the main issue for which power was not restored to the homeowners. Upon hearing this, Board Member after Board Member seemed to come up with a viable, workable solution, but it was always unacceptable to the PG&E Rep.  After several minutes where the PG&E Rep began sounding like a broken record while refusing to come to any reasonable solution about restoring power to people’s homes (One of which was just to add people to the delay list and reinstall an analog meter until the California Public Utilites Commission-CPUC- finished creating an opt out program), one Board Member cut to the chase (Begins around the 5:00 Mark):

Board Member:  “Are you telling us that house will be without electricity until the CPUC completes their opt out process?”

PG&E Rep: “That’s correct or if there is a Smart Meter that is replaced.”

Board Member: “And if the CPUC takes 6 months to complete their opt out process are you saying that PG&E is going to let that household go without power for 6 months?”

PG&E Rep: “It’s my understanding that we will not……..there needs to be a Smart Meter for us to reconnect the power.”

I suggest you watch the entire video and it will become all too clear that the issue isn’t about saftey as much as it’s about shoving Smart Meters down peoples’ throats.

Those of us that believe in small Constitutional Government understand that there is a time when local Governments are the only thing that stand between the destructive force to our Liberties that Big Government and Big Business sometimes represent.

Fighting the Smart Grid is one of those times.


Stop Smart Meters.org is now reporting that PG&E has returned power to the homes but not in the way you would think:

“Since PG&E has (falsely) claimed that they have no analog meters left, they were forced to save face by installing a device to bypass the meter – allowing unmetered electricity to flow to the homes. They plan to base their billing on last year’s usage.”

Here is a picture of the bypass that was installed where the meters go even though PG&E are removing analog meters from other homes everyday to replace them with Smart Meters and could easily use one of those instead of this bypass:

H/T Stopsmartmeters.org

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