Outrageous… Hillary Clinton Tells Syrian Freedom Protesters to Lay Down Their Weapons

Is it really so surprising that the freedom protesters in Syria are crying out for George W. Bush?

Back in March Hillary Clinton said their would be no intervention in Syria because the dictator Bashar Assad was a “reformer.” That same month Assad sent his military to fire on democracy protesters.

Now Hillary Clinton is telling the Syrian freedom protesters to lay down their arms.
Israel Matsav reported:


YNet has published a lengthy interview with two Syrian dissidents who have found temporary asylum in the United States. The two are still considered to be in danger – as are their families back in Syria – so they are referred to by pseudonyms, and the reporter did not even disclose the name of the city outside which they live. But the interview included this shocker in the middle.

A few weeks ago, Amar met with US Secretary of State Hillary Clinton. He presented to her, among other things, information about soldiers who defected and plan to launch a guerilla fight against the army. “To my surprise, she asked that the defectors lay down their arms,” he says. “That’s an odd request. Why didn’t they ask the rebels in Libya to lay down their arms? How can they do it if at any moment they can be fired at and murdered? It’s impractical.”

More than 3,500 protesters have been killed this year by the regime.
The Obama administration doesn’t believe that is quite enough.

Demonstrators against Syria’s President Bashar Assad display a banner during a march after Friday prayers in Kafr Nabil near the northwestern city of Idlib. (Reuters / November 20, 2011)

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