Oh Good Grief… Skeleton, Dressed as Santa Claus, Nailed to a Cross Removed from Christmas Display (Video)

Just how far will the far left go to insult Christians?
This far.

A resident of Leesburg put up a skeleton dressed as Santa Claus nailed to a cross for the annual Christmas display.

An outraged citizen ripped it down.
WUSA9 reported:


The annual Leesburg dispute over holiday displays is getting as predictable as the rush of shoppers on Black Friday.

A skeleton, dressed as Santa Claus, nailed to a cross, was torn down by an enraged woman outside of the Loudoun County Courthouse.

The display was legally there, with the consent of the county, officials said.

Mary Czarnecki, a county resident, wasn’t having it. She, piece by piece and bone by bone, took “Skele-Claus” off the cross and laid him on the courthouse’s lawn.

“You don’t think this is offensive?” she asked 9NEWS NOW’s Peggy Fox.

The display was put there by Jeff Heflin. He applied for approval with the Loudoun County Board of Supervisors to put up his anti-Christmas Season display.

“It depicts how society’s materialistic obsessions and addictions are killing the season’s peace, love, joy and kindness,” Heflin said.

Hat Tip Kathy

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