#Occupy the Jail Cell… 4 Occupy Protesters Arrested for Torching US Flags

Four men were arrested at the #Occupy Charlotte camp for torching US flags. (WBTV)

The four leftists will be #occupying the jail cell for the next while.

Four Obama-endorsed #Occupy Charlotte protesters were arrested today for torching two US flags near their camp.
WBTV reported:


Four protesters, including the spokesman of Occupy Charlotte, were charged after setting fire to two American flags early Friday near the Occupy camp in Center City, police said.

Charlotte-Mecklenburg police weren’t sure earlier if the four men who set fire to two flags were associated with the Occupy Charlotte movement.

But, WBTV has learned that one of the men is the media spokesman for the Occupy group and has been the contact person listed on press releases from Occupy Charlotte.

The fires happened with in feet of the group’s encampment.

Earlier reports indicated one flag was burned, but a police report says that 2 US flags were burned.

Officers said they noticed the suspects lighting something on fire directly in front of the Occupy camp along Trade Street around 12:30 a.m. Friday morning.

Police swarmed the area, and detained the men while firefighters were called in to knock down the flames. About $30 worth of damage was caused to landscaping at the site.

It was only after the fire was out did officials figure out what was burning, the American flag.

The #Occupy Charlotte campers said they are packing up their stuff after the arrests last night.

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