UPDATE- Occupy Port FAIL: 50 Occupy San Diego Protesters Walk In A Circle / Occupy Oakland Form a ‘Kick Line’ Call Police Pigs; 6 Arrested

Posted By The P/Oed Patriot

In what has to be a great example of a Fail for the Occupy San Diego movement, about 50 people showed up to the Port entrance in order to walk around in a circle chanting in an attempt to shut it down.

4 People were arrested for sitting in the road.


Police said that the Occupiers were not much of a disturbance because there was very little traffic trying to go in and out of the Port.

By the way, the man in the video admits in the ‘description’ section on You Tube that the footage was actually taken today the 12th, not yesterday the 11th.

Here is the video:

On a whole other level of Fail, Occupy Oakland decided to form a ‘kick line’, instead of walking in a circle, in order to shut down the local Port. They followed the little song and dance with a ‘classy’ chant in which they call the Police, Pigs.

According to the San Francisco Appeal the Occupiers only caused “Sporadic Disruptions” and 2 people were arrested for blocking a drive way.

Here is the video:


Here is another great example of the failure of the Occupy the Ports protest as cars just drive right through the Occupy San Diego Protester’s ‘blockade’. Notice how several of the protesters actually hit the cars and trucks of those just trying to get to work.

Warning Foul Language!

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