Occupy Oakland Goons Discuss Using Violence to “Tear Down” the System (Video)

Occupy Oakland members discuss the proper, strategic use of a “Diversity of Tactics” to “tear down” the current system and replace it with more socialism.

This is some sick stuff.
The speaker is Sean O’Brien, a self-described “anarchist organizer.”

There are two parts of this video that are particularly sickening.
3:40 – I also challenge those who profess an exclusively non-violent movement to put aside the moralistic approach to this issue and to start talking about what’s effective and not effective, and not talking about what’s moral and immoral or right and wrong because I think that s the wrong conversation to have.

6:38 – The last point I will make is that I don’t actually think theres an example historically of a time where non violence alone has brought major revolutionary structural changes. I’m still waiting for that example. I want to read a quote from Martin Luther King’s non violence, the only road to freedom. He says, “The American racial revolution has been a revolution to ‘get in’ rather than to overthrow. We want to share in the American economy, the housing market, the educational system and the social opportunities. The goal itself indicates that a social change in America must be nonviolent.”

So my question to people is what is our goal? Is our goal in this occupy movement to be included back in this broken system? Is it to participate in the housing market? Is it to lower taxes? Is it to be in a little less debt, and own our house and cars again like we did in the 90’s? Or is it to tear down this corrupt system and build something in its place? If it’s just to get back in then I agree non-violence can get us there. If it’s to tear down this entire structure and build something better, then it’s only going to take us so far and we are going to come to a point where it is not as effective and it is not going to be enough. [LOUD APPLAUSE] Hat Tip Founding Bloggers

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