Obama-Endorsed #Occupy Goons Harass Michele Bachmann at Iowa Diner (Video)

Obama-endorsed #Occupy goons harassed Michele Bachmann today at a campaign stop in Iowa City, Iowa.
It’s what leftists do.

One protester even dressed up as a gay robot to harass the conservative Republican.

The AP celebrated the news:

The Hamburg Inn in Iowa City has long been a popular stop for presidential candidates, but it probably won’t be high on Rep. Michele Bachmann’s list anymore.

About two dozen activists with Occupy Iowa City packed the diner before Bachmann arrived Thursday, then loudly chanted in unison as she tried to mingle with supporters. Their chant blasted the Minnesota congresswoman’s position on gay rights, health care and taxes and ended with: “You’re not wanted here. So go, just go.”

The restaurant’s manager says the campaign blared Christmas songs over a sound system to drown out the protesters. Police arrived as tensions rose, but no one was arrested.

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