Obama Campaign’s Christmas cheer: Send me money, eat at my table

By SolidGround

You have to love Barack’s uncanny marketing savvy along with his highly advanced sense of humor.

At the Obama website, Barry is offering all his progressive pals and palettes a chance to have dinner with him and Michelle if they’ll send his campaign a greenback or 30,000 of them, or whatever the 1 percent of the 1 percent who support Obama can afford.

When you toss your nickle into Obama’s bulging hat, you get an entry into a sweepstakes. Let’s just call it the “Dinner with POTUS and FLOTUS” Holiday Sweeps.


No word as yet on the number of suckers–I mean entrants–who have responded to the gimmick. I suppose, though, for those who swoon to the Obama siren song, a $2 donation, say, is worth a chance to chew cud with the world’s smartest man and woman. It certainly beats Obama’s usual $38,500 fee for dinner and a handshake.

And that ain’t all, folks. Barry also sez if you pony up the email address of a Republican friend or two along with your shinny penny donation to his campaign, he’ll be glad to send your friend an email thanking them for inspiring the donor to submit, er, contribute, to the campaign.

That’s what I love about the Holiday Season. It brings out the best in everyone.

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