Obama Backs Down on Keystone Veto Threat

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Obama golfing

Can I Take a Mulligan?

Sometimes you watch Obama and think “is he smarter than me? Is he playing some deep game that I don’t understand?” Trust your instincts; you understand perfectly well, but he is not terribly bright.

That was certainly the case with his bizarre threat to veto the payroll tax entension if it allowed the Keystone pipeline, as our good friend Allahpundit explains:


The politics were poisonous: Not only did it give the GOP an opening to seize the mantle of job creation, it pitted labor against Obama and the greens — and on top of all that, a veto would have meant torpedoing a tax break for the middle class, which he was never going to do with an election less than a year away.

But the word on the Twitter street is that there’s a new deal, according to Guy Benson:

  1. Payroll tax break for 2 months
  2. Keystone Pipeline authorized
  3. No tax hikes
  4. Fully paid for in other cuts

As the mighty Iowahawk says: “Christmas cheer: a 100 watt bulb powered by oil piped in from Canada. #Winning”

Can’t find anything to get mad about here. No downside.  Merry Christmas.

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