North Korea to South Korea: Enough With The Christmas Lights!

By Guest Blogger Dave Carter

(Dave Carter is a contributor for, a retired military veteran, and current long haul truck driver)

I enjoyed my time overseas while on active duty.  From exotic lands to the exotic food, the joy of Turkish coffee or the challenge of dining on a live octopus in Korea, it was an education unto itself.   But never again will the benefits of cross-cultural ties be minimized on a national level.  First we saw members of the Supreme Court either citing or advocating the citation of foreign law in American court cases.  But now, the favor has been returned as North Korea has taken a page from the ACLU and begun barking at South Korea over it’s display of Christmas lights.  That’s right.  With gulags running at full capacity, mass starvation and depravation a way of life, the North Korean government has its chopsticks in a knot over Christmas lights in South Korea.  And you thought it was just the Tennessee ACLU that got worked up last year over Christmas in public schools.  At least the Tennessee ACLU doesn’t sport nukes.


North Korea has warned South Korea of “unexpected consequences,” if it insists on displaying Christmas lights near the demilitarized zone (DMZ).  This is not to be taken lightly (pun intended) since Communism in particular and collectivism in general are nothing if not spectacular case studies in unexpected (read unintentional) consequences.  A “worker’s paradise” becomes a human hell hole, a “people’s republic” becomes a slave state, “universal health care” becomes a rationed disaster, etc.  I wonder what these consequences will be?   Some 50 South Koreans lost their lives in North Korean missile attacks in 2010.  North Korea has nothing to show for itself except misery, starvation, bluster, and weaponry, so what will they do in response to the outrageous display of Seasons Greetings to the south?  Maybe they can take the matter to the US Supreme Court.

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