Lib Congressman Kicks Barack Obama on the Way Out the Door

Goodness. Barack won’t like this one bit.

Angry Dem Rep. Dennis Cardoza slammed Barack Obama for not addressing housing foreclosure crisis in America. Cardoza will not seek reelection next year.
The Fiscal Times reported:

Democratic Rep. Dennis Cardoza wants you to know he is angry – really angry – about the state of housing in this country, and he holds one politician more responsible above all others: President Obama.

The five-term California House member says he is “infuriated” and feels personally betrayed by the president and his advisers for not doing more to stem the housing foreclosure crisis that has pummeled his Central Valley district and thwarted the economic recovery.

Cardoza, 52, recently announced he is retiring from Congress next year and says his decision partly stems from frustration with the White House and what he terms widespread government ineptitude in handling the housing crisis. “The housing crisis is our economic cancer,” Cardoza told The Fiscal Times during a recent interview in his office. “Until we fix that, cure that ailment, provide the right chemotherapy or radiation, we are not going to get out of the economic crisis that we are in. The president has been putting Band-Aids on the housing market instead of fixing the root cause.”

“I’m sorry, but you are President of the damn United States of America. You have to do what is right for the country and not worry about the political ramifications.”


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