It Figures. Leftie Blogs Say Trump Is a Dog-Whispering Racist For Tweeting About Obama’s Christmas Gaffe

Yesterday, I pointed out that Barack Obama failed to release a special statement for Christmas this year but released one for the fake Kwanzaa holiday.

Donald Trump tweeted out the story today.

It took the far left about two seconds to play the race card after Trump’s tweet.
They say Trump “dog whistled” another racist conspiracy. (That only they can hear.)
Talking Points Memo reported:


Donald Trump may have left the Republican Party, but he’s staying put in his role as the right’s racial conspiracy theorist-in-chief.

On Wednesday, Trump tweeted his endorsement of the latest bit of holiday cheer from the extremist ant-Obama right. As the story goes on more than one conservative blog this week, Obama declined to offer an official statement marking Christmas, but made sure to get one out celebrating Kwanzaa.

This tale is as blatantly racial as it is demonstrably false, and it comes in the grand tradition of accusing Obama of supporting Ramadan over Easter and the old Trump favorite that Obama got into the Ivy League because he’s not white, not because he’s smart.

The trouble with the story about Christmas and Kwanzaa is that it’s 100% untrue. Here’s Obama using his taxpayer-funded weekly video address to wish Americans “a Merry Christmas” this past weekend.

Evidently, TPM can’t tell the difference between a video and a statement. And, of course, if you point out this latest Obama error you’re a dog-whispering racist.

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