Human Feces Used as Fertilizer Has Penn Township Fuming (Video)

Sorta gross.

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Lynn Township residents are upset with local farmers for using fertilizer made from human feces.
No kidding.
NBC 10 reported:


Residents in a Lehigh County township are waging a battle against local farms that are using a fertilizer made from human feces.

Several Lynn Township, Pa. farmers use a bio-solid called “granulite” to fertilize their crops, according to township authorities. “Granulite” is sewage sludge turned into dried pellets, 30 percent of which is made of human waste.

Residents like Bill Schaffhouser fear the health effects when this chemically-treated sewage fertilizer seeps into the ground and water.

“There’s a huge difference between using fertilizer and using human feces that’s been treated with different chemicals,” Schaffhouser tells NBC Philadelphia’s Stacy Stauffer. “This stuff will end up in the food and meat they eat, the milk they drink…this is a real issue.”

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