Huckabee Republican Presidential Forum …Update: Perry Suggests Term Limits for Supreme Court Justices

Jon Huntsman declined to attend the forum tonight as did Herman Cain.

You’ve gotta love the format.
Huckabee has three conservative Attorneys General to ask the questions.
Pam Bondi from Florida, Ken Cuccinelli from Virginia and Scott Pruitt from Oklahoma. There is no crowd to cheer the candidates. It is just the candidate, Mike Huckabee as moderator and the three attorneys general.

First up is Newt Gingrich. He’s getting hammered by Cuccinelli on his (big government) record. “How can we trust you?”


Rick Santorum was up second. He did OK but looked angry.
Rick Perry did an excellent job tonight.
The Texas governor called for term limits for Supreme Court Justices.

Michele Bachmann was good.
Ron Paul was nuts.
Mitt still likes Romney-care.

Consider this post an open thread for your comments….

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