Figures. Unhinged Jerk Who Called Newt Gingrich a “F–king A–hole” at Grocery Store Is a Democrat (Video)

Horrible. Tom Sorenson from Iowa called Newt Gingrich a “f–king a–hole” in a grocery store during a campaign stop yesterday. Newt responded by saying, “luckily it is a free country.”

TPM reported:

So do we know the name of this offensive liberal, yet?
Is he an Obama staff member?


UPDATE: The far left Mediaite website says the Iowa man is a vet. Who knows.

UPDATE: The Huffington Post identified the man as Tom Sorensen from Iowa City.

Tracked down later by CNN’s Shawna Shepherd, Sorenson, who said he hasn’t decided who he’ll vote for in the Jan. 3 caucus, explained the exchange.

“We shook hands, I looked him in the eye and told him what I thought,” he said, before going on to opine that Gingrich “represents everything that’s bad about politics.”

The profane insult is just the latest sign that Gingrich’s candidacy, which has slowed considerably this week after a somewhat spectacular rise to the top of the pack, is highly polarizing to Iowa voters.

UPDATE: Yup. He’s a democrat.
This is what Tom Sorensen wrote about Sarah Palin last year.


I don’t like what Mike Sweet writes most of the time, but his piece on Sarah Palin was right on. She was chosen because she was a female in order to get women to vote for the GOP. Didn’t work. Until the GOP gets its act together they won’t win anything. If they ever do get it together I hope it’s after that old senile Grassley loses next year.

Iowa City

And here is Tom Sorensen earlier this year calling Republican Steve King a “f–king a–hole.”

tom sorensen said: On March 5, 2011The court ruled 7 to 0 but that wasn’t good enough. We had a US congress men who thought he would stick his nose into the fray. He wrote a bill when he was in the Iowa House that marriage was between a man and a women. You should remember the infamous bus tour last fall. The court threw out his idea so he got pissed. His name is Steve f***ing ass*** King from Western Iowa and in two years I will spend as much time as possible working to defeat this idiot.

Tom Sorensen is just another abusive unhinged democrat.
Don’t look for the media to touch this. They want you to believe that Republicans are cussing out Newt at his campaign stops.

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