PA High School Christmas Play: Occupiers Save Santa From Evil Executive (Video)

Posted By The P/Oed Patriot

(Above picture is of Santa being stranlged by the Evil Executive)

A highschool in Pennsalvania decided to put a new twist on the traditional Christmas Play by using the most nationally recognized symbol of Christmas……the Occupy Wall Street movement.


According to an article on Missouri Education Watchdog, the school’s website says this is the play that will get “everyone in the spirit of Christmas for the holiday weekend”:

“The action takes place in the North Pole with Santa Claus and his elves losing their workshop as a result of eminent domain. Soon, the elves’ work is outsourced and the workshop is taken over by a new corporate conglomerate, whose acronym is GREED. The sad and unfulfilled executive in charge begins using background checks to determine if children have been naughty or nice.”

To read more about and to see Video of this very Festive Christmas play go Here.

H/T Missouri Education Watchdog

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