Happy Birthday, Jim & Joe Hoft!! (Video!)

Post by gateways_niece

In a small town, in the cold state of Iowa, Jim and Joe Hoft were born. These courageous boys were born into a large family of nine. Their father worked hard running his own business and paid for all of his children to attend a private school. As they grew into tall young men, they soon began playing sports. They became state legends as they went to high school, not just for their height or attractive looks but, because of their mad skills. They were two of the fastest state runners in track, with records that still stand today and also played basketball. When they weren’t involved in school or sports, they were involved in their family life working with their father in the truck shop. Somehow, they both decided to move to St. Louis in the early 90’s after graduating college. From there, Joe continued to attend school and received his CPA and now lives in Hong Kong at the top of his department. Jim Hoft then began blogging and has become the great legend that everyone knows him as today, Gateway Pundit.

It is amazing to say that these two great men have endured so many wonderful journeys over the years! It is even more amazing being able to grow up with them and have them as my role models my whole life. I love you both very much! I also hope I didn’t embarrass you too much. (Guess that’s what you get when you let your niece blog for you when you’re in Hong Kong! BTW, you both are very lucky you called before I posted this, otherwise everyone would know your age!) Here’s to many more healthy years! Can’t wait to see you both! HAPPY BIRTHDAY! Love Gateways_niece, Alyena and Ryan


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