Good News… Nancy Pelosi, the Worst Speaker in US History, Wants to Retire

When Speaker Nancy Pelosi took over Congress the national deficit was $162 billion. When she left office it was at $1.29 Trillion dollars.

Barack Obama (and Pelosi) doubled the US debt with his failed stimulus plan.


The Obama-Pelosi-Reid Regime tripled the national deficit in one year.

(The Captain’s Comments)

The Pelosi-Obama regime rammed through a failed trillion dollar non-stimulus bill. 48 of 50 states have lost jobs since the faux stimulus passed.

And, yet Minority Leader Nancy Pelosi continually lies about reducing the deficit and increasing the debt.

But, there’s good news…
Nancy Pelosi, the worst Speaker in US history, wants to retire.
Big Government reported:

Alexandra Pelosi, daughter of House Minority Leader and former Speaker Nancy Pelosi, told Big Government this week that her mother wants to leave Congress–and that she remains in Washington only at the behest of her campaign donors.

During a telephone interview, Ms. Pelosi–speaking from a friend’s home in New York City–described her mother’s predicament:

She would retire right now, if the donors she has didn’t want her to stay so badly. They know she wants to leave, though. They think she’s destined for the wilderness. She has very few days left. She’s 71, she wants to have a life, she’s done. It’s obligation, that’s all I’m saying.

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