From Russia With Love: Putin Expected to Speak Out About Protests

Posted by Layla Mars

Russia’s Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin, is expected to address concerns regarding last week’s alleged voter fraud.  Putin is expected to field phone calls from the opposition and discuss their main demand; that there be an annulment of a December 4th parliamentary vote, which places Putin and his party in power for a third term.

The protest is the largest public show of discontent in post-Soviet Russia. | AP Photo

From the Guardian:


Vladimir Putin is expected to break his silence on Russia‘s protest movement on Thursday, when he hosts an annual televised call-in show that has become one of the hallmarks of his rule.

The programme, which usually lasts for hours and is a forum for Putin to promote his cult of personality, comes as the prime minister faces an unprecedented challenge to his 12-year domination of Russian politics.

He has so far remained silent on the growing protest movement, which last weekend saw 50,000 in Moscow and thousands more around the country gather to demonstrate over disputed elections. A second Moscow protest, set for Christmas Eve, was approved on Wednesday.

Undoubtedly, Putin will effortlessly field a number of planned and well orchestrated questions. Questions which will explain exactly what he wishes to say rather than address what the people are demanding to know.

Free media being influenced by its leaders and politics… sounds familiar.

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