Former Aide: Ron Paul Is “Most Certainly Anti-Israel” and wishes “Israel Did Not Exist at All”

Former senior aide to Representative Ron Paul confirmed in a letter to conservative bloggers that Paul is “most certainly anti-Israel” and wishes “the Israeli state did not exist at all.”
Israel National News reported:

A former senior aide to GOP presidential candidate Ron Paul has decided to “set the record straight” in a ‘tell all’ post on the Right Wing News blog — and in the process, has confirmed that Paul wishes “the Israeli state did not exist at all.”

Eric Dondero served as former senior aide to Paul when he was a U.S. Congressman from 1997 to 2003, and worked closely with the candidate as an aide since 1988.

“I’ve noticed in some media that my words have been twisted and used for an agenda from both sides,” Dondero wrote, explaining from the outset why he had decided to set forth his views in such a blunt manner, on the site that he chose. “I wish to set the record straight with media that I trust and know will get the story right: conservative/libertarian-conservative bloggers.”

Ron Paul is not a racist, Dondero wrote. “I never heard a racist word expressed towards Blacks or Jews come out of his mouth. Not once,” he wrote. “Is Ron Paul an Anti-Semite? Absolutely No. As a Jew, (half on my mother’s side), I can categorically say… No slurs. No derogatory remarks.”

However, the candidate’s feelings about Israel versus the Palestinian Authority are another matter entirely, Dondero wrote.

“He is however, most certainly Anti-Israel wishes the Israeli state did not exist at all.

Below the fold is the entire letter Eric Dondero sent to conservative bloggers on Sunday.


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