Figures… #Occupy DC Hero Soldier Got Kicked Out of Military for Smoking Dope

He tried to get out of the military as a conscientious objector. He was told it wouldn’t work because he’s an atheist.
“So I just smoked a bunch of pot and got kicked out.”

#Occupy DC hero soldier Michael Patterson was kicked out of the military for smoking dope.

Lagniappe’s Lair reported:

The #Occupy DC protesters keep referring to the one “protester”, Michael Patterson, age 21, as a veteran and holding him up as their icon and the face of their group. Now we all know that the goal there is to use his alleged status as a veteran to give the group as a whole some credibility, (“Hey look! We got VETERANS here! Everybody loves veterans and puppies, right?”) but the truth is that Patterson is not an honorably discharged vet. A bit of research shows that he was a failure who could not hack the military even in a real echelon slot, and he was booted from the Army for smoking pot after unsuccessfully attempting to get an early discharge. So he didn’t honorably do his duty and earn our respect like his unwashed peers would claim. And his Other Than Honorable Discharge is probably why he’s claiming to be homeless (while jetting to Washington DC from his home in Alaska) instead of using the GI benefits that every honorably discharged vet is entitled to and finding a job or going to school.

Like Scott Olson, the Occupod injured in Oakland by something hurled by one of his fellow protesters as they threw rocks and bottles at police, this guy was nothing but a loser who could not hack it in the service and probably couldn’t even have done so in the peacetime military.

Not only was he kicked out of the military but he thinks Wikileaks is some kind of noble venture.
Of course, this surprises no one.

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