Democratic US Representative frags Obama

By Richard Kuykendall

In today’s Congress Blog in The Hill online edition, California Representative Dennis Cardoza blows his party’s leader right out of his Teddy Roosevelt combat boots.

According to Cardoza, US voters made a gross mistake in hiring Obama as chief executive. In Cardoza’s opinion, Obama is at best cut out to be no more than a professor–and a non-tenured one, we could hope–as since his election, he has done nothing more than lecture, lecture, lecture.

Wisely, Cardoza apologizes to all professors, saying he’s not trying to disparage their profession–only simply point out the obvious. And although he never directly says so, Cardoza makes it fairly clear that the obvious isn’t so much Obama’s reliance on his teleprompter as his lack of leadership and a personality ill-suited to holding the position of Most Powerful Man in the Universe.

Unfortunately, the Representative’s real beef is that Obama hasn’t been more successful in banishing the darkness of contemporary conservatism from the land.

But his piece is still an entertaining read, and pretty much right on the money.


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