Unhinged Far Left Nut Who Called Newt a “F**king A**hole” Also Called Rep. Steve King a “F**king A**hole”

Earlier this week unhinged leftist Tom Sorensen from Iowa City crashed a Newt Gingrich campaign stop in Iowa City, approached him and called him a “f**king a**hole” in front of the cameras.

Here’s the video:

The liberal media played it off like Newt was losing the support of Iowa Republicans. A CNN reporter described the scene this way,


“It was a very ugly moment. It is something he (Newt) will admit himself; he arouses passions in people that sometimes can vent themselves on the campaign trail.”

Of course, it took about two minutes on Google to discover that Tom Sorensen is a far left kook who is unable to control his own passions. In fact, back in March of this year Sorensen used the same crude remarks to describe Rep. Steve King from Iowa. Sorensen left this comment on the Gazette website.

tom sorensen said:
On March 5, 2011The court ruled 7 to 0 but that wasn’t good enough. We had a US congress men who thought he would stick his nose into the fray. He wrote a bill when he was in the Iowa House that marriage was between a man and a women. You should remember the infamous bus tour last fall. The court threw out his idea so he got pissed. His name is Steve f***ing ass*** King from Western Iowa and in two years I will spend as much time as possible working to defeat this idiot.

It’s odd how the liberal media didn’t pick up on this, huh?

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