Daily Kos Posts This Year’s Top Anti-Christian Rant: “Silent F*cking Night”

It looks like the far left Daily Kos blog has outdone itself.
The blog decided to get into the season this year with an anti-Christian post titled “Silent F*cking Night.”
It’s their way of mocking the season and Christians everywhere.

Daily Kos: Silent F*cking Night

This is the fifth annual posting of the Christmas Story, from a mother’s point of view

As I’ve wallowed in Christmas music the last couple of weeks, I’ve pondered the traditions of the Christmas story; and I’ve come to a conclusion.

Mary was shafted.

There she is, 8+ months pregnant, having been dragged all over Israel on the back of a fucking donkey. I know that when I was 8 months pregnant, I had a hard time riding for two hours in a car to attend my father-in-law’s funeral…

…And let’s think about that for a little bit, shall we? Mary was a first-time mother. Her labor would have lasted a long, long time. I went for 23 hours between my water breaking and the delivery of my eldest child, so I’m guessing Mary was in labor for 12 hours at least — with no option for an epidural.

Yeah, I suppose God could have given Mary a short and pain-free labor. After all, she was doing him a pretty damned big favor, being a surrogate mother and all. But were that the case, I’m pretty sure that would have been mentioned as one of the miracles of the miraculous birth. Besides, this is a male God. He wouldn’t have thought of giving Mary a break. You know, it’s one of those “wimmin things”.

And speaking of “wimmin things”, who helped deliver Baby Jesus? There’s no mention of any women being around…

There’s more.
What screwed up people.

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