Congress Reverses Light Bulb Ban… NOT

Posted By The P/Oed Patriot

I, like many of you, did a few cartwheels when I noticed the headline on Drudge that said:

“Congress Overturns Incandesenct Light Bulb Ban…”

The dreaded “green” light bulb ‘mandate’ that was created in 2007 was dead! I began to proclaim the good news from the highest mountains in the land of Facebook without even reading the article. 

Shame on me for doing so…

I shortly found an article in Forbes that popped my bubble. So did Congress reverse the light bulb ban?  No, No, not really:

“Tucked into the giant 1,200-page omnibus spending bill passed by Congress Thursday night is a provisionthat prevents the government from spending any money to enforce the light bulb ban. This is effectively a reprieve for the 100 watt, but only temporarily, for the next fiscal year.

The bill does not overturn the light bulb ban, so it will still be law, and it’s likely that some more politically correct retailers will not stock them. And don’t expect any new incandescent light bulb factories to open;America’s last one closed a year ago. Unless congress blocks enforcement funding again a year from now, just try finding them in 2013.

So the battle to save the 100 watt bulb is not over.”

So the battle is not yet over….(Face Palm)

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