Chevy Volt…the Multi-Car Pileup at The Intersection of Crony Capitalism, Green Energy, and Bailouts

When a large automobile corporation, bailed out by Obama only to save his precious auto unions, foists upon us a car that no one wants GM shouldn’t be surprised when their inventory *piles up*.  Nor should we be surprised that the vehicle we’ve been commanded to want is a dangerous and deadly firetrap.  So, what is the response of the economic imbeciles of GM’s Obama appointed board?

1.  Keep it a secret from the public for almost six months.

2.  After the information is revealed scramble with a public statement offering to provide loaner vehicles.


3.  Scramble with a public statement offering to buy the Volts back.

4.  Clarify the buy-back is not really a buy-back.

5.  Crank up production of 15,000 vehicles that no one wants only to flood the market with 60,000 more in 2012.

That makes sense.  But only in Obamanomics.  What makes more sense is maybe all those Obama appointees who now run GM don’t have the first clue how to run an automobile company.

We saw how well defying the tenets of capitalism and sticking it to the taxpayers worked for Solyndra.

In the name of green energy, Obama commands us to like this car.  Maybe next he will command us to buy it by virtue of the precedent within the Obamacare mandate.  Maybe we’ll be (un)lucky and when we’re all mandated to buy health insurance, as a perk we’ll get a free Chevy Volt.  At least we’ll appreciate having the health insurance when it bursts into flames with us inside it.

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