Bummer… #OWS Loons Hold Hunger Strike – Police Drag Them Off to Jail

At Liberty Square Park on December 3, 2011 three #occupiers addressed their supporters and announced the start of their hunger strike aimed at securing the use of Trinity Church’s open space at Duarte Square to support the Occupy movement in NYC.
It didn’t work.
Police dragged them off to jail after their little rally.

Gothamist reported:

One day after it began, three Occupy Wall Street protesters participating in a hunger strike outside Duarte Square were arrested today shortly before noon. The protesters were there “as part of a continued effort seeking sanctuary on Trinity Wall Street’s unused and vacant lot of land.” Laura Gottesdiener, the strike’s co-coordinator, tells us that the three protesters have been replaced by three others, “and they’ll continue to strike until the guys are released.” The NYPD confirmed the arrests but couldn’t confirm the charges, which Gottesdiener said were for trespassing.

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