Freedom Protesters From Kafranbel, Syria Determined to Get Their Message Out to the West

For the past year the brave people of Kafranbel, Syria have cried out to the West for assistance. For these courageous protesters revealing their identities could mean punishment or death. Despite this, they remain undeterred in their efforts.

May 31, 2011–

(Boker Tov, Boulder)

November 11, 2011–

(Moe Lane)

November 18, 2011–

Demonstrators against Syria’s President Bashar Assad display a banner during a march after Friday prayers in Kafr Nabil near the northwestern city of Idlib. (Reuters / November 20, 2011)

December 16, 2011–

The brave Syrians are even freedom protesters in Syria are crying out for George W. Bush.

December 23, 2011–


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