Yup, White House Shooter Is a Lib… Ortega-Hernandez Rants About “War for Oil” During September Interview (Video)

Now we know…
White House shooter Oscar Ortega-Hernandez is nutty lib who ranted about “war for oil” in an September interview.

VIDEO: Alleged White House Shooter Oscar Ortega-Hernandez: MyFoxDC.com

FOX 5 reported:


New video has surfaced that sheds some light into the mind of the suspected White House shooter.

Two months ago Oscar Ortega-Hernandez asked an Idaho University student to videotape a segment pitch to Oprah Winfrey.

Two days ago the Secret Service learned about the tape from the girlfriend of Ortega-Hernandez. FOX 5 got a portion of it.

The tape is 45 minutes long and in it Ortega-Hernandez rants against the government accusing the Feds of waging war for oil. He declares he is Jesus Christ and asks Oprah to help him get his message out.

But he does not specifically mention President Obama or any threats, so the student and his professor never turned it over to authorities.

Ortega-Hernandez made his first appearance in Federal Court in Pennsylvania Thursday morning where he was charged with attempting to assassinate the President.

Court documents claim witnesses in Idaho say he had become increasingly agitated about the government. They say he called President Obama the “Anti-Christ” and said he had to “hurt” him.

Prosecutors accuse him of opening fire on the White House last Friday night.

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