Your ‘Feel Good’ Video of the Day: #Occupy Goons Tased & Dragged From WA Capitol Building

This ought to brighten up your morning.
#Occupy Olympia goons tried to force their way into the Washington State capitol building yesterday. Unfortunately for them, the police met them at the door with tasers.

King 5 reported:

The Washington State Patrol began removing and arresting some of the hundreds of protesters who planted themselves inside the state Capitol building Monday night.

Protesters occupied the building’s rotunda most of the day, venting their frustration with proposed state budget cuts.

By night, protesters clashed with troopers trying to vacate the Capitol, resulting in a handful of arrests. Protesters who refused to leave were forcibly escorted and/or carried out. Several people were also given trespass warnings. If they return to the Capitol grounds within 30 days, they could be arrested.

In addition, three protesters were tased trying to push their way back into the building. The doors to the Capitol were locked earlier in the evening. In one scuffle, a trooper was bitten in the arm by a protester. A Department of Enterprise Services employee was also injured in a seperate incident.

As the Washington State Patrol locked doors to the Capitol, protesters inside chanted, “Let them in!”

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