Walid Phares: Obama’s Failed Leadership Is Leading to Islamic State in Egypt

Clashes between Egyptian riot police and rock-hurling protesters in Cairo’s Tahrir Square continued today.

Mideast expert Walid Phares told NewsMax that Obama’s failed leadership (from behind) has led to the likely creation of an Islamic state in Egypt.
NewsMax reported:

The Arab Spring has failed in Egypt, and the Muslim Brotherhood may turn the most populous nation in the Middle East into an Islamist state within months, says Walid Phares, a Mideast expert and adviser to Congress.

And if the Obama administration doesn’t alter its flawed strategy in confronting this threat, the entire region could be in turmoil by this time next year, Phares said in an exclusive Newsmax interview.

“If the Obama administration doesn’t change strategic direction in Washington, the Middle East, one year from now, will look much more dangerous than ever before,” Phares said.

…“Unfortunately, over the past few months, the Muslim Brotherhood and the military have cut a deal. Now the deal is off,” Phares said in explaining the circumstances that have brought thousands back to the streets in the biggest protests since massive demonstrations forced President Hosni Mubarak from office after 30 years of rule.

The Muslim Brotherhood mobilized the majority of the youths protesting in Tahrir Square to attack the military to force the military council to “cut another deal.”

The Muslim Brotherhood wants power transferred from the military council into its own hands to use it to establish an Islamist state, Phares said.

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