Virginia House Minority Leader Loses Seat – Senate Swings to Republicans

The Virginia House Minority Leader Democrat Ward Armstrong lost his seat that he has held since 1992 in today’s elections.

Hampton Roads

House Democratic Minority Leader Ward Armstrong has lost the seat he’s held for nearly 20 years.

In a race symbolically important to the Republicans, Del. Charles Poindexter won 53 percent of the vote over Armstrong, whom the GOP targeted both in redistricting and in heavy financial support for Poindexter.

Armstrong had represented the 10th House District since 1992, but Republicans moved it 200 miles to the north, forcing the Henry County Democrat to take on Poindexter in a Republican-friendly 9th District.

And FOX News is reporting that Republicans have won control of the Virginia senate. The media reported that Virginia’s state Senate elections will be an early signal for President Barack Obama ahead of national elections next year. However, the Washington Post reported that a handful of state legislative races remained too close to call.

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