Violent #OWS Mob Screaming “F*ck the Police!” Rush NY City Cops (Video)

The violent Occupy Wall Street goons worked overtime last night.
They didn’t call it a day after the afternoon clashes.

Kenny in New York posted this video of the Obama-endorsed #OWS mob terrorizing the city late last night.

Kenny had this to say about the mob activity:

Last night a group of protesters including SEIU and MoveOn members were marching in the streets. All of the sudden a mob of around 500 thugs come running through the streets screaming, “F*ck cops! F*ck police!”

In the video the police started going after these 500 thugs or “violent ones” who want “revolution.” They even carried signs demanding a revolution during the day.

These revolutionaries had several meeting points during the day. They would rush the streets to get to the next location. (Kenny has video of them running down street that he will put up later today).

The video is of Kenny telling the cops to get ready before the violent mob arrives. The cops are getting suited up and putting on their face shields when the mob came running in.

Kenny says there are the “normal” anti-government protestors and there are the violent ones. The mob, who want to spark a violent uprising.

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