Outrage!… St. Louis Mayor’s Office Lashes Out at Tea Party After Sexual Assault Is Reported at #Occupy St. Louis Squatters Camp

What a pig.
Earlier today it was reported that a woman was sexually assaulted at the #Occupy St. Louis squatters camp earlier this month. The news only broke today after it was reported first by two local bloggers.

Later today in an interview with KMOV TV, the mayor’s Chief of Staff Jeff Rainford commented on the assault by lashing out at the tea party. He also called St. Louis Police Sgt. Gary Wiegert, the officer who broke the story, an extremist.

Jeff Rainford also told reporters that St. Louis did not have problems with the far left #Occupy squatters like other cities.
Well, except for yesterday.

Occupy St. Louis protesters broke into the Municipal Courts Building and hung “occupy everything” banners from the upper floors. (FOX2)


Then later the #Occupy goons shut down rush hour traffic on the Martin Luther King Bridge to Illinois.

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