Stunner… Jew-Bashing Obama-Endorsed Occupy Boston Loons Hold Sit-in Protest at Israeli Consulate (Video)

A contingent from the Occupy Boston “Occupy” protest camp marched late yesterday afternoon to the building that houses the Israeli consulate in Boston and held a brief sit-in in the building’s lobby.
Via Future of Capitalism:

Future of Capitalism reported:

According to the Twitter feed of @kade_ellis, chants included, “hey hey, Ho ho! Israeli apartheid’s got to go!,” “long live the intifada! Intifada intifada!,” “not another nickel! Not another dime! No more money for Israel’s crimes!,” and “Viva viva Palestina!”

…The whole event illustrates the way the Occupy movement has become a forum for people to air whatever pre-existing grievance or agenda they have, even if it has nothing to do with Wall Street. And how readily a protest against bankers can elide into one against the Jewish state.

No protest movement you got there, democrats.

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