Stunner… 19 Year-Old “Pregnant” Occupy Seattle Woman Who Said She Lost Baby Is a “Compulsive Liar” & “Drama Queen”

What a complete shock.

Earlier today it was reported that a 20 year-old woman decided to join violent protests last week and was pepper sprayed by police. The young woman said her encounter with the police at the protest caused her to miscarriage. The story made international headlines.
(UPDATE) Here’s video of the Jennifer Fox after she scuffled with police and was pepper sprayed.

Here’s Jennifer Fox being carried from the violent protests she joined in last week.

A woman who gave her name as Jennifer and said she was two months pregnant is rushed to an ambulance after being hit with pepper spray at an Occupy Seattle protest on Tuesday, November 15, 2011 at Westlake Park. Protesters gathered in the intersection of 5th Avenue and Pine Street after marching from their camp at Seattle Central Community College in support of Occupy Wall Street. Many refused to move from the intersection after being ordered by police. Police then began spraying into the gathered crowd hitting dozens of people. An 84 year-old activist was also hit with spray. (Photo: JOSHUA TRUJILLO)


Now here’s the rest of the story…
Jennifer Fox has a habit of exaggerating and Seattle police are investigating the incident. Jennifer never even told her family she was pregnant like she claimed in an earlier report.
Yahoo reported:

Seattle police have launched an internal investigation after a 19-year-old woman says she suffered a miscarriage after being pepper sprayed at an Occupy Seattle protest.

Jennifer M. Fox says police kicked her and hit her in the stomach with a bicycle Nov. 15 and also doused her with pepper spray. She says she was three months pregnant.

The Seattle Times says Fox has declined to provide medical records supporting her claim that she had a miscarriage five days after being hit.

Seattle police spokesman Mark Jamieson says the department is looking into the situation because of the seriousness of the allegations.

The Times reports that Fox’s family doubts her story.

Her former foster mother, Lark Stebbins, says Fox has a history of exaggerating and never mentioned she was pregnant when they spoke recently.

Hat Tip Ed

The Seattle Times added this:

Fox’s former foster mother, Lark Stebbins, said Fox called her from Harborview after one recent protest but did not mention she was pregnant.

Stebbins said Fox, whom she parented for 10 years, has a pattern of exaggeration. “My daughter is a compulsive liar,” Stebbins said. “She’s a wannabe drama queen.”

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