Liberal Media on #Occupy Oakland Mob Violence: “A Day of Mostly Peaceful Rallies Against Economic Inequality”

Reuters described the mass mob violence and rioting by Occupy protesters yesterday as:
“A day of mostly peaceful rallies against economic inequality and police brutality.”

Here are a few shots from the mostly peaceful protests yesterday in Oakland.

Occupy Oakland demonstrators burn rubbish in Oakland, November 3, 2011. (REUTERS/Stephen Lam)

Demonstrators from the “Occupy Oakland” movement climb aboard trucks at the Port of Oakland in Oakland, November 2, 2011. (REUTERS/Robert Galbraith)
Demonstrators from the “Occupy Oakland” movement turn back a pickup truck at the Port of Oakland in Oakland, California November 2, 2011. Demonstrators on Wednesday shut down operations at the Port of Oakland, one of the largest container ports in the United States, in protests against economic inequality and corporate greed. Thousands of protesters blocked a major Oakland streets in what they called a general strike against economic conditions and police brutality, but fell short of their stated aim of paralyzing the Northern California city. (REUTERS/Robert Galbraith))

The Associated Press also insisted it was a “mainly peaceful” gathering.

Occupy Oakland protesters pass a burning garbage heap during a confrontation with police on Thursday, Nov. 3, 2011, in Oakland, Calif. Following a mainly peaceful day-long protest by thousands of anti-Wall Street demonstrators, several hundred rallied through the night with some painting graffiti, breaking windows and setting file to garbage cans. (AP/Noah Berger)


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