No Justice! No Peace!… Police Search #OccupyDC Camp for White House Shooter Oscar Ortega Hernandez

Yep. You knew the minute they called him “mentally unstable” he was a leftist wackjob. They never say that about conservatives… Or, those who they label conservative.

This image provided by the U.S. Park Police shows an undated image of Oscar Ortega. U.S. Park Police have an arrest warrant out for Ortega, who is believed to be connected to a bullet hitting an exterior window of the White House Friday and was stopped by ballistic glass. An additional round of ammunition was also found on the exterior of the White House. The bullets were found Tuesday Nov. 15, 2011. (AP/U.S. Park Police)

Police searched the Occupy DC squatters camp looking for White House shooter Oscar Ortega Hernandez yesterday.
TPM reported:

The Secret Service searched Occupy D.C. on Monday for a man suspected of firing bullets at the White House on Friday, one of which was stopped by the building’s ballistic glass.

Protestor Ralph Wittenberg told TPM on Tuesday evening that authorities came through “searching for a so-called terrorist who shot at the White House, with no warrant, they went into everybody’s tents.”

A person handling media requests for Occupy DC confirmed the searches and said they were led by the Secret Service. The agency did not immediately respond to a request for comment.

Police have been trying to locate 21-year-old Oscar Ortega Hernandez, a mentally ill man from Idaho who authorities say is connected to the incident, which apparently took place on Friday.

Agents began investigating after gunshots were heard on Friday night, but NBC Washington reports that agents didn’t discover the bullets until Tuesday morning.

We’re all very shocked.

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