#OWS Protesters Celebrate Thanksgiving By Harassing & Spitting On Cops

New York Occupy Wall Street protesters squabbled with police today after locals complained about the drum playing. The protesters argued with the police until they agreed to shelve the drumming for the day. In San Diego an Occupy protester was arrested for spitting on a cop.

The leftists just couldn’t help themselves.

The AP reported:


While the celebration remained peaceful in San Francisco, an amplified version of a family Thanksgiving squabble erupted in New York when police ordered a halt to drumming by protesters at an otherwise traditional holiday meal.

About 500 protesters were digging into donated turkey and trimmings at lower Manhattan’s Zuccotti Park when police told a drummer to drop playing.

About 200 protesters surrounded a group of about 30 officers and began shouting in the park where the Occupy movement was launched Sept. 17.

“Why don’t you stop being cops for Thanksgiving?” yelled one protester.

“Why don’t you arrest the drummers in the Thanksgiving parade?” hollered another.

A van rolled up with more officers, but they stayed back as protesters eventually decided to call off the drumming and return to their food. Tensions have run high at the park since campers were evicted Nov. 15.

Protester Chris Coon wandered into Zuccotti in a Santa Claus suit with a list of “naughty” people that included former President George W. Bush, former Vice President Dick Cheney and New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg.

“Bank of America foreclosed on the North Pole, then I flew here in my sleigh and the NYPD towed my sleigh,” Coon said. “So now I’m here in Zuccotti Park protesting the 1 percent.”

In San Diego, four Occupy protesters were arrested between midnight and 2 a.m. Thursday at an encampment at the City’s Civic Center Plaza, said Officer David Stafford. Three were taken into custody for sleeping overnight in public, while the fourth was arrested for spitting on an officer, Stafford said.

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