Occupy St. Louis Says They Will Move Squatters Camp to Arch Grounds

St. Louis Mayor Francis Slay announced this weekend that he was finally going to uphold the law and remove the Occupy St. Louis protesters from Kiener Plaza in downtown St. Louis. The far left protesters have been squatting at the popular city park for a month and seven days.

The Occupy St. Louis protesters told KSDK tonight that they are looking into moving the camp to the St. Louis Arch grounds.

“When they tell us to leave the park, in fact they’re telling us not to use our right to free speech and our right to peacefully assemble,” said William Smith, another Occupier

“We’ll be removed I’m sure, but we’ll be back. We won’t fight the police, but we’ll be back,” said McFarland.

“We’re never going to leave this space. This space is the icon of St. Louis,” said Brett Alexander, also a part of the Occupy St. Louis movement.

Protesters say they will not use violence if confronted by police. Occupiers say they’re also looking into occupying space under the Arch.

Tuesday’s meeting between Occupiers and the mayor’s office starts at 3 p.m. at America’s Center

Mayor Slay admitted to reporters this weekend that he did not charge these radicals for use of the plaza — even though the tea party must pay a fee to hold a rally there.

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