Occupy Black Friday Protesters Hand Out “CUM-sumer Whores” Fliers to Wal-Mart Shoppers (Video)

What wonderful people.
The Occupy Black Friday goons called Wal-Mart customers “whores” today while they were out shopping.

The Occupy protesters were handing out “Don’t be a CUMsumer whore” fliers to the shoppers.

From the video:
(Warning: This is nuts)

A group of us from Occupy Wallstreet begin to protest the mindless consumerism being displayed on black friday at WalMart locations across the country. Join us as we engage and disrupt corrupt capitalism!

Although on private property, once a transaction is completed, the property on your person belongs to you. stopping you at the door after you have completed your purchase to check through through your personal property is “unreasonable searches and seizure”. There is also an issue of unlawful detainment.

If there is a question of security, it should be done before the purchase and only of items that are owned by the store. Logically, there is no difference between checking your bags (your property) or your purse (your property). No American should be subjected to unreasonable search and seizure.

And, these loons were wondering why the cops were following them out of the store?

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