Obama-Endorsed Occupy LA Communist Calls For the End of America (Video)

An Occupy LA protester admits that nothing good can come of this movement unless America is destroyed.
Unfortunately, this loon sounds more like the normal Occupy protester rather than the exception. No wonder democrats are supporting the movement.
Warner Todd Houston reported this at Right Wing News:


… From the beginning the votes that they give us are for a very specific purpose, they give us these elections to put the stamp of legitimacy on the crimes and horrors that America commits around the world and the millions of people who’s lives it crushes, degrades, and murders.

You know that’s what this is and no good can come of this, nothing positive. You know I’m a communist, you know, look.

Nothing positive can come about unless you get rid of America and everything it stands for…

Well, at least he didn’t go crap in a bank lobby… That we know of.

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