NY Business Owners Protest #OWS Zuccotti Park Squatters (Video)

Several local business owners held a protest Monday on the steps of City Hall urging Mayor Bloomberg to take action against the lawless Occupy Wall Street squatters at Zuccotti Park. Over the last two months the crime, the drumming, the garbage, the smell and lawbreaking have cost local businesses nearly $500,000.00 and several businesses were forced to layoff workers. The locals have had enough.

Urban Infidel attended the rally and has several photos and video.

This woman who helped organize the rally decided to hide her face out of concerns for her safety.

Some of the OWS cult members actually had the nerve to give her a hard time because she was wearing a mask.


This man complained to reporters that his family has lost business since the squatters have set up camp in Zuccotti Park. The man said his family has owned a Chinese restaurant in the area for 30 years.
“Help us out mayor!”

Much more at Urban Infidel.

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