Meet Bloodied Thug Brandon Watts: The Media and Far Left’s Latest #OWS Hero

The media finds their thug martyr.
On Thursday 20-year-old Brandon Watts of Philadelphia was bloodied during an arrest at the Obama-endorsed #Occupy Wall Street riots.

Yahoo cheered his bloody face today.

Then on Thursday, the Occupy movement got its face–albeit a bloody one.

During a demonstration in Lower Manhattan, 20-year-old Brandon Watts of Philadelphia grabbed a police officer’s hat and was subsequently tackled and arrested, sustaining a gash to his forehead. Watts’ bloody face appeared on the cover of the Daily News and Metro newspapers on Friday. (Interestingly, the New York Post went with the Ashton Kutcher and Demi Moore for its Friday front page; the New York Times featured an A1 photo of the protests above the fold, but no blood.)

Before grabbing the hat, Watts allegedly threw an AAA battery at officers who had set up a barricade. According to the Daily News, he was charged with assault and grand larceny after receiving medical treatment at Bellevue Hospital.

According to the paper, it was Watts’ fourth arrest since the protests began in September.

But there’s more to the story.
Actually, young thug Brandon Watts stood on a wall at Zuccotti Park and threw AAA batteries at police. (very dangerous and painful) Then he charged the police officers and stole one of their hats. The New York Police caught him as he ran back into the park, but Brandon began to fight back, police said. He was wrestled to the ground and continued to fight back for several minutes. That’s when he busted his head on the concrete, causing a gash to gush blood down his face.


Ironic Surrealism
found this video of young street thug’s arrest.

And, for the record, Brandon has been arrested four times since Sept. 24 for resisting arrest, loitering in disguise, escaping from a prisoner van and stealing orange mesh fencing. He also reportedly was the first protester to pitch a tent illegally at Zuccotti Park.

No wonder the far left love him.

UPDATE: A 20-year-old Occupy Wall Street protester bloodied after a confrontation with New York City police has pleaded not guilty grand larceny and other charges. A lawyer for Brandon Watts said Friday his client was assaulted by police and has four staples in his scalp because of his injuries. Police say Watts may have been injured in a fall during the confrontation. They say he threw batteries at officers, and then stole an officer’s hat. Watts has been arrested five times since the protest began two months ago. He has been living on his own since his early teens and has emotional problems, his lawyer said.

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