Korean News: Hundreds of North Korean Nuclear Experts Are Working in Iran

Korean News is reporting that hundreds of North Korean scientists are collaborating with their Iranian counterparts in more than 10 locations.
Yonhap News reported, via Free Republic:

Hundreds of North Korean nuclear and missile experts have been collaborating with their Iranian counterparts in more than 10 locations across the Islamic state, a diplomatic source said Sunday.

The revelation lends credence to long-held suspicions that North Korea was helping Iran with a secret nuclear and missile program.

It also represents a new security challenge to the international community as it seeks to curb the nuclear ambitions of Pyongyang and Tehran, and thwart trading of nuclear and missile technology.

North Korea has long been suspected of being behind nuclear and missile proliferation in Iran, Syria, Myanmar and Pakistan.

Korean Chosun Ilbo News added:

A Japanese daily claims that Iran and North Korea run a joint nuclear research center to carry out computer simulations of nuclear tests.

Japan’s Sankei Shimbun on Thursday said Iran has three secret research centers across the country. And a dozen North Korean researchers and experts have visited the facilities this year to share information about nuclear technology.

The report goes on to say that the two countries are running the tests to develop starting devices for nuclear bombs.

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