Japanese Consulate Issues Traveler’s Warning – Stay Away From #OWS Mobs

The Japanese Consulate in New York City issued a treaveler’s warning for those people in the New York City area – Stay away from the Occupy Wall Street protests. They’re dangerous.
Via Free Republic.

Here is a rough translation of the warning:

Via Google translation:

Since this situation is, everyone of Japanese residents and travelers, please note the following continuing.
(1)報道等から最新の情報入手に努める。 (1) and other efforts to obtain the latest information from the press.
(2)ズコッティ公園を含むウォール街及びその周辺、デモが発生している地域への不要不急な訪問は避ける。 (2) Wall Street and around the park including Zukotti, unnecessary visits to areas where demonstrations are occurring should be avoided.
(3)デモ行進や、大勢で騒いでいるような場面を見かけたら、興味本位で絶対に近づかない。 (3) and marches, you see a scene like that in many noisy, definitely stay away out of mere curiosity.

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